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Private Dog Training Lessons

Let us teach you how to teach your dog!  Work one-on-one with a trainer to problem solve troublesome behaviors, work on specific goals, and enhance your relationship with your dog.

Additional Details

Our trainers look forward to helping your dog reach their full potential. We can help you with...

Basic manners and obedience, including:

  • Coming when called (recall)

  • Loose leash walking 

  • Exuberant greetings/jumping up on people


Troublesome behaviors, including:

  • Reactivity to other people and/or dogs

  • Over-excitement towards critters

  • Resource guarding

Competition-focused skills for dog sports, including:

  • Agility 

  • Scentwork

  • Obedience

Location & Fees

  • Location: At our facility in Litchfield

  • Cost: $70 per 1-hour lesson

  • Discounts available for multiple lesson packages. Contact us for details.

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