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Puppy Camp

Get your puppy off to a great start with our age-specific training camp!

Getting a puppy is an exciting time! We’re here to help you provide a solid foundation for your new family member to become a well-adjusted, behaved companion. Puppy camp is a customized program, ranging in length from half-day to full-day sessions.Your puppy will become “one of our crew” for the day, learning alongside our working and competition puppies. We’ll get you started on the right foot with potty training, polite people greetings, basic commands, crate training, and proper socialization. Your puppy will learn leash walking and hiking etiquette, participate in swim lessons (when weather appropriate), and learn about appropriate social interactions with other dogs. We will then help you transition these lessons to your home, with continued support from us to help your puppy grow into the best family member possible!

Rates & Details

Who is Puppy Camp for?

  • Puppies between 8 weeks and 5 months of ​age

  • Puppies must be up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations


  • $70/day: Full day 

  • $35/day: Half day

Puppy Camp

Day School

Jump start your dog’s training, keep skills fresh, and teach your dog to excel in real-life situations!

Our Day School program is an excellent fit for owners looking to teach their dog how to be well-behaved in public so they can have a go-anywhere and do anything companion. Each dog’s curriculum is custom-tailored to their individual training goals. Owners are kept in the loop with frequent updates and scheduled one-on-one lessons to teach you how to transfer your dog’s new skills. 

Day School is different from a traditional daycare program in that your dog’s day will be scheduled around improving behaviors, providing enrichment, and meeting training goals. Multiple individual and group training sessions will take place through the day, appropriately scheduled around rest periods and structured exercise sessions. 

Prior to joining Day School, we will schedule a consultation to discuss your goals, assess your dog’s current behaviors, and determine how we can best set your dog up for success.

Rates & Details

Who is Day School for?

  • Dogs over 5 months of ​age

  • An initial consultation is required to ensure your dog is an appropriate fit for Day School prior to enrollment.

  • Dogs must be up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations to attend.


  • $60/day

  • Packages are available for a discounted rate. Contact us for details!

Day School

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