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Marantha Katalyst's What's Up Doc? JH RA TKN SWM

Bugs is the new kid on the block. He came originally as a sale prospect, but I liked so many of the things I saw in him, that I decided to keep him. Bugs has tons of bottom—he will take whatever pressure you put on him, and continue to work clearly and efficiently. He does not hold a grudge or shut down. He's extremely stable in all situations, so much so that he's become my "neutral dog" for a reactive dog class I teach. Even with other dogs reacting at him, he remains relaxed, calm and happy. He has a great nose and a very persistent, methodical hunt style. Bugs is always ready to go, and is always the first dog asking, "What are we going to do today?!" He lives in the house, and can settle well after proper exercise and mental stimulation. I love his sound, athletic conformation, and he's got a beautifully loaded pedigree. He finished his JH easily in 2018, and is getting ready to run upper levels in 2020.  He started nosework as a Covid-quarantine activity, and demonstrated how much he loves the game. He breezed through his novice and advanced level titles very quickly, and now is running in the Excellent and Masters classes. Nosework is definitely "his thing"!

Bugs has produced several litters for us. His puppies have gone on to be successful police and sport dogs, and are very enthusiastic workers. 

Bugs is available at stud to approved bitches for working/sport breedings. Please contact us for more information. 


DOB: 5/21/2017

Weight: 67 lbs


Sire: FC AFC Lane's Lets Get Ready to Rumble


Dam: Maranatha's Inner Peace of Pond Cove SH (NAFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo daughter)

Health Clearances:

  • CHIC #140282

  • Hips: OFA Good

  • Elbows: OFA Normal

  • Eyes: Clear

  • Heart: Normal- Echo

  • EIC: Clear

  • CNM: Clear

  • PRA: Clear

  • RD/OSD: Clear

  • Dilute: Clear


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