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At Katalyst Kennels, our main focus is to produce high-quality Labrador Retrievers for the fields of single purpose detection (law enforcement), search and rescue, tracking, and performance sports.


Please explore our website and check out our dogs, and feel free to contact us with any questions (or just to talk about working labs!)


Katalyst Kennels strives to produce healthy, highly-motivated Labrador Retrievers for use in police detection, search and rescue, and performance sports. Our goal is to breed dogs that live to work and have the genetics to ensure a long, healthy working career.


We produce 1-2 litters per year and place the majority into working homes. If you're looking for a dog that has the intelligence, motivation, and enthusiasm to keep up with your training goals, contact us


Any of our dogs used for breeding are screened for all recommended health tests and have proven their ability to work in their chosen discipline. We do not keep a large number of dogs, so each of our dogs are worked daily and are able to be trained to their fullest potential. Because we work each dog, any dog who does not meet our standards does not enter our breeding program. Please visit each dog's page for more information on them and their achievements!


Our passion is in producing and training dogs that will be successful police detection K-9's.  We keep multiple puppies from our litters, in addition to buying promising puppies from field trial breeders, to raise for this purpose.  Throughout these puppies' first year, they are exposed to a wide variety of different environments and footings, including warehouses, barns, schools, boats, various vehicles, different homes, kennels, etc. To learn more about our detection dog program, and dogs we have available, contact us.

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