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Below are our planned litters for 2023. 
Please contact us for more information.

UH Maranatha Katalyst What's Up Doc? JH WC RA SWM
FC AFC Lane's Let's Get Ready to Rumble x Maranatha's Peace of Pond Cove

Katalyst's Under the Big Blue Sky AX OAJ RI DM WC TKI 
UH Rhumbline's Red Sky At Night MH CD RA OA NAJ CC    x UH BD's No Doubt at Katalyst JH RN SWN SIA SEA 

This litter combines two talented, stable dogs and we ancipate some strong SAR and sport prospects.  Both parents are OFA Good/Elbows Normal, Advanced Cardiac Normal, Eyes Normal, and genetically clear of EIC/CNM/PRA/HPNK/RD-OSD/Stargadts and Copper Tox.  This will be an all black litter.  Both parents have produced proven SAR, Sport, and Law Enforcement detection canines.  We are now taking reservations for SAR & Sport homes. 

Due late April 2023

Old Town's Poison Paradise
J's Jumping Jack Flash QA2 x Docheno's It's Old Town's Obsession SH 


This highly anticipated litter combines two very powerful, intense working labs. We expect very strong detection prospects.  Our wait list is currently full for this litter.  

Due late March 2023


 At Katalyst, we selectively breed 1-2 litters per year with the goal of producing the best working candidates possible. We have a personal stake in this venture, as we keep many of our puppies to raise and place as police detection K-9s. We start early neurological stimulation soon after the puppies are born, and have a variety of people handle the puppies daily.  By the time our puppies are old enough to be mobile, they begin working for their meals, which starts as "hunting" to find mom and progresses to puppies scaling various agility obstacles and other challenges in order to get their food. The puppy pen is always full of constantly changing objects and toys and desensitization to noises such as gunfire begins soon after birth. We keep careful notes about each puppies development and use those notes, combined with various benchmark tests, to place each puppy into a career they will thrive in. 

UH Maranathas What's Up Doc? JH WC RA SWM 
Katalyst's Under the Big Blue Sky OA OAJ RI DM WC TKA 

Sky has been bred, litter due late April 2023

Old Town's Poison Paradise (Police Narcotics Detection K9) 

Maranatha Katalysts No Time for Nice TDX RN 
Wicked is confirmed pregnant, litter due late March 2023

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