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  Our passion is in producing and training dogs that will be successful police detection K-9's. We keep multiple puppies from our litters, in addition to buying promising puppies from field trial breeders, to raise for this purpose. Throughout these puppies' first year, they are exposed to a wide variety of different environments and footings, including warehouses, barns, schools, boats, various vehicles, different homes, kennels, etc. These puppies also develop a strong hunt behavior during this time and learn persistence and tenacity that will be essential in their future career. We do not teach our young dogs any odors and all of our dogs are sold as green. Dogs that leave our program are ready to be started on odor and have already learned hunt behaviors. We can also teach young dogs tracking on request. Dogs that we place tracking on will be ready to pass NAPWDA tracking certification upon time of sale.

If you're interested in a started detection dog, please contact us for additional information.

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