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Katalyst's Under the Big Blue Sky DM OA OAJ RI CGC TKA WC

Sky is a really fun, versatile little dog!  She's the constant shadow and teammate of our youngest Katalyst handler, Allie.  Allie took the reins with Sky when she was 8 weeks old and Allie was only 8 years old. They've grown up together, and have developed an amazing bond with each other. Though placing a drivey, exuberant lab with a young, green handler has certainly been challenging at times, these two are completely attuned to each other and are having a lot of fun as they start their competitive journey. 

Sky is always up for anything. She jumps into any activity Allie wants to try with gusto and gives it her all.  Working with a green handler has highlighted Sky's resilience, ability to handle pressure and conflict, and desire to do her job. Sky is not one to get frustrated. She'll happily run the same drill over and over again- and if the same drill is run a completely different way the next day, she takes it in stride and plays the "new version" of the game.  She's highly motivated by food and toys, and the general desire to "do things". 

Currently, she's competing with Allie in dock diving, agility, rally, 4-H, and dabbles in whatever else fancies their interest.

She's a super easy dog at home and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's as sound as they come with kids, adults, and other creatures.  


DOB: 11/13/2017

Weight: 48 lbs

Sire: HRCH UH Rhumbline's Red Sky at Night MH CD RA OA NAJ CC


Dam: UH BD's No Doubt at Katalyst JH RN

Health Clearances:

  • Hips: OFA Good

  • Elbows: OFA Normal

  • Eyes: Clear

  • Heart: Normal- Echo

  • EIC: Clear

  • CNM: Clear

  • PRA: Clear

  • Dilute: Clear

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